Sports Day!

We had a fantastic time at sports day.  The plan was to hold it at Springs but due to the ground being wet we stayed at school.  It didn’t matter though, we all had a great time.

We were in four teams: red, blue, green or yellow.  Throughout the morning we took part in track events. They were:

  • sprint
  • relay
  • egg and spoon race
  • sack race
  • space-hopper race
  • tug-of-war

It was hilarious to watch the space-hopper and sack race.  People were trying so hard and building up so much speed that they were bouncing all over the place. Mrs Murch ended up on the floor because she was laughing so much! Everyone was brilliant and put their all into all the track events. We all left with big smiles on our faces.

In the afternoon we took part in our field events:

  • speed bounce
  • ball throw
  • target throw
  • long jump

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and many of us are looking forward to next year already!


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