Forest School Part 3 – Fire!

Boy, was the weather warm! We started our session with some circle games in the shade.  We played ‘Steal the Treasure’ and ‘Sneaky Bob’.  These were games that many of us had played before.

Cayleigh: It was really hard to pass Bob around without the detective spotting you.

Sarah showed us how to prepare our area ready for lighting the cotton wool.

Each of us then learnt how to use fire steel to create a spark.  It was similar to using flint and steel but both parts were made from metal.  We worked in groups to light cotton wool.

The grown-ups were really impressed with how we persevered, even when we found it hard.

Jack: Lighting the cotton wool took some skill but it also depended on luck!

Some of the groups managed a 100% success rate while others had some children who didn’t manage it.

Even though the weather was really hot we toasted marshmallows on the fire.  We had to follow the strict rules to make sure we all stayed safe.

Kobi: I had fun! I saw real spiders.


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