Forest School Part 2

Courtney: I enjoyed being creative and building the den.

On Monday 12th June we took part in our second session of Forest School.  Sarah and Matt worked with us.  We had a brilliant time.

In the secret garden we found lots of caterpillars, a butterfly and bees.

We had a discussion about survival.  In groups we talked about the most important elements needed for survival: water, air, food and shelter.  Some groups decided that the order of importance is: air, water, food and shelter. Sarah explained that many explorers and survivors list shelter as being the second most important priority when out in the wild.

Gergo: I love being outside and not in front of a computer or a desk.

Sarah and Matt told us we would be building dens. We worked in groups, using sticks, logs and other natural materials.  Once our structure was made we had used tarpaulin to try and make it waterproof.

When our shelters were complete we could give them a name.  After that we could make an emblem for our tent, then we told the rest of the group about our shelters.  In addition, we tested them to see if they we’re waterproof!

Kane: I liked looking for sticks to build my shelter with.


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