🌿🌲Forest Schools🌲🌿

Over the next three weeks we are going to be working with some forest school specialists.  We will use our school grounds to experience outdoor learning and increase our exploration of our outdoor environment.

Abdi: We got to explore and find different insects and wildlife.

The first activity was a warm-up game called Frozen Dragon.

After that that we entered the secret garden.  We played a game called ‘hide and peek’. We really enjoyed it!

Sarah asked us to collect the same items that she had. However, we had to memorise the objects she showed us and we weren’t allowed a second look.

Kasey: It was fun to climb the trees.

We used identification cards to find out what trees, plants and flowers we have in our secret garden.  We looked closely at the leaf shape, the colour of leaves or flowers and worked with our team mates to find out what we have living in our secret garden.

Ellie: It was exciting creating things with sticks and clay.

Our penultimate activity was to find out about the wildlife living in the garden.  We used special pots so we could collect any insects or living creatures that we found.  All the grown-ups were impressed at the various wildlife we found.

The last activity gave us the chance to climb tress and create art work using natural resources and clay.

To find out more about Forest School click here.


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