Science day: Mad materials

“It’s been fun!” said Kasey.

We have been learning lots about materials. There were 4 activities that we took part in.

Jack: we tested insulation to see which material kept the water warmest.

Gergo said “I like putting things on fire.”

We tested reversible and irreversible changes; mixed and separated materials; materials as insulaters and described different materials and they’re uses.

Cole: We have tried to get different materials out of the water. We used different methods to find a way to separate them.

Cayleigh:  I loved watching the string disappearing as it burned.

Predicting, investigating, testing and concluding have been some of the skills we have been using.  We have learnt and used lots of new vocabulary. Can you remember some of the words we have used and what they mean?

Courtney “We learned about reversible (chocolate) and irreversible changes to materials.”


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