Parliament project


Sheffield United have been visiting Y5 for three weeks.  Y5 have been taking part in the Parliament Project which enables the children to find out about parliament and democracy in England.

During week 1 we started to learn about a General Election; what it is and when it happens and then about manifestos. We worked with a partner to have a go at writing our own manifesto.  Please excuse out handwriting this was a quick job.


We then presented our manifestos to the class. The class voted for the manifesto they liked the most.

Week 2 gave us the opportunity to practise out debating skills.  We were given a topic which we had to talk about; sharing our opinions and ideas with supporting arguments.  Some of us then tried the ‘balloon challenge’.  We had to share our ideas before the balloon hit the floor.  It was quite hard!

Our third and final week consisted of learning about the history of voting.  Emily Wilding Davison was the main feature.  If you don’t know who she is you need to look her up.  She was a suffragette and someone Mrs Murch admires a lot. The final week gave us opportunity to ask questions about anything we were unsure of.


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