Peer marking

In Emerald class (and our school) we work with each other to improve our work.

imageHere are some of our opinions about peer marking:

“When you peer mark you mark a partners work and you use a gel pen to mark the good stuff. We use highlighters and a ruler to underline the adjectives and verbs” Vaclav

“If you don’t have a capital letter when you need one you have to put a circle round it” Courtney H

“When you peer mark you have to read somebody else’s work and put two good things and a wish for them so they can improve” Scott



One thought on “Peer marking

  1. Great examples of peer marking Emerald Class! Well done. If you want to show me more, you can always bring some example to show me in person. Keep up the excellent work. I am really looking forward to reading some of your narratives on Harry Potter… one of my favourite books.

    Mr Sieczkarek


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