Beat the Street

Miss Wesley went on a long walk today and hit 11 beat boxes earning 100 points!

Prince Edward are currently 9th on the leaderboard in our area! Let’s get to the top!

How many points have you earned?

Climate vs Weather

Today in geography, we were learning the difference between weather in climate. We learned about this with skittles!

Our groups all chose a name for their own country. Each different colour of skittle represented a type of weather in their country on one particular day. We then analysed our weather, deciding what our climate was like based on which type of weather was most frequent.

Ask us about the difference between weather and climate!

Beat the Street Sheffield!

Beat the Street is a fun, free initiative that will see Sheffield transformed into a giant game! See how far you can walk, cycle, run, scoot and roll…

Beat the Street Sheffield!

Problem of the month – June

Test your mathematic skills with these problems below. Don’t forget to share your answers and findings with us by leaving a reply. Good Luck! EYFS …

Problem of the month – June

Growing Up

Over the past couple of weeks, year 5 have been learning about some of the different changes we go through as we get older. Today we talked about how our feelings change and discussed what we think teenagers are like!

During the lesson, we learnt about how and why our feelings might change as we grow up, and what to do if we need help with them.

Harry Potter Homework

Two more magnificent homework projects to round off our spell-binding Harry Potter topic!

What a way to end the half term!

Have a fantastic break, everyone!

Star Of The Week!

A huge round of applause for our star of the week. He has made huge improvements in all areas of learning, especially swimming. In his words, he believed he could so he did.

Climate Heroes!

Over the next two weeks, Year 5 will be climate heroes! we are hoping to commit to our pledges and earn ourselves a green Blue-Peter badge!

We are working together to make a difference and help the planet and have made some pledges! For the next 2 weeks we pledge to…

Pledge 1 – We pledge to swap 30 minutes of screen time per day for another activity. This might be reading, baking or playing outside!

Pledge 2 – We pledge to carefully sort our recycling into the right bins and make sure the things are clean before we put them in!

Pledge 3 – We pledge to save water by turning the tap off when we brush our teeth and taking shorter showers instead of baths.

Pledge 4 – Our supersize pledge! We pledge to turn off the lights and plugs when we leave the classroom and when they are not in use.

Can you join us and be climate heroes too?

Active Maths

Last week we had been learning how to find non unit fractions of amounts. On Friday, we completed another active maths lesson to consolidate our learning.

Star of the Week

Well done to our Stars of the week. They have been awarded Star of the week for a fantastic narrative about Harry’s trip to Hogwarts!